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When the guru and disciple are linked, then the guru’s power automatically flows to the disciple. This is shaktipat – the transmission of high frequency waves from guru to disciple. When the guru transmits a little of his own shakti to the disciple, the disciple feels subtle to strong vibrations in his body. An open mind is very important to feel this potent transmission of Energy from the Guru. A Disciple who can easily accept this process of linking, in the presence of the guru this link is established automatically.

The next important point which should be understood is that shaktipat can take place through the medium of an object. For example, the guru can give you a mala and when you receive it shakipat is transmitted. Shaktipat can come through anything that the guru may send you. Therefore, disciples go to the guru and request him to give some garment or totem. When the disciple sits for meditation, he puts on this mala or totem and it has an effect. 

So, there are many ways of transmitting the power of guru to disciple.

When guru and disciple are linked, and the energy waves of the guru pass through the disciple, they go straight to mooladhara chakra and there they disturb the sleeping kundalini lying dormant through various lifetimes.

Some disciples receive instant shaktipat, while others never receive it, because they are insulated. However, the one type of person who is totally insulated from shaktipat is the intellectual – he who thinks he knows everything but has experienced nothing.

The type of aspirant who receives shaktipat most easily is the one who is innocent and childlike. Such disciples who accept the guru completely are like copper wires. Likewise, the guru and disciple must have the copper link. It requires a lot of faith, love, surrender and childlike simplicity, but the result is wondrous.


You present yourself to the Guru as an empty vessel, ready to be filled.


And if you are just there with your intellect than you will not receive any experience from the Master, as you would have created a veil of doubt or distrust.


The seeker with the will to surrender, to trust, have faith and be Accepting can establish a foundation of his journey towards Knowing Self.


Likewise, shaktipat is the transmission of the guru’s infinite energy waves. If the disciple is open and ready, there is no limit to which the guru can fill him.

Shaktipat can also be understood as the Spiritual Energy transfer by an Enlightened Master or Guru who has attained self-realization, who is living in a state of bliss, that is Trillions of light years away from the common man – a person living in a state of Equilibrium.

Shaktipat is the Grace of Ancient Maharishis, Yogis and Siddh masters to bestow to a genuine seeker. Shaktipat can be transferred through a look, thought, touch or even telephonic conversation of the Guru.  It is important to stay connected with the Guru to receive the Grace.  Shakti is pure energy and has unlimited potential, and through Shaktipat the Super conscious energy is transferred.

Shaktipat is a process where the Master activates the spiritual energy from the higher realms of consciousness to the receiver.  Through Shaktipat we can dissolve or release the blockages we have accumulated during our life in the way of negative belief patterns, emotional blockage, physical or psychic blockage etc. and the flow of energy is balanced gradually.  The most important factor for the Spiritual Energy to transfer is your Faith, Trust and Surrender.

If the seeker is only there to judge and question then the energy does not find the passage to work, because we block the grace with our thought process-allowing the mind to be active.  But if you go with the faith and trust towards the Guru, then the energy will do its work and you will experience  subtle transformations. Experience of a Shaktipat are varied depending on our body consciousness – some may get a jerk upon the Shahastrar, some begin to shake involuntarily. Feel the flow of tears of bliss, loss of appetite etc.

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