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SRI SHIV SHAKTI Charitable Trust

We are dedicated to advancing spiritual education by sharing teachings from ancient wisdom to enhance mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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'Nurturing the Future'

Jan 14 2023 

Service to Humanity

Never has there been a time when people are suffering with disconnection, overwhelm and societies becoming fragmented. Mental, emotional and spiritual well being are key to a well functioning society. However when a community or individual is so disconnected and overwhelmed, reaching out does not seem like a possibility, therefore the Trust has a range of ‘reach-out’ programmes – and will continue to develop these as funds allow.  There should be no barrier to receiving support. 

Yogic philosophy

A key tenant of Yogic philosophy is that you have all the resources, wisdom and capacity to life a fulfilled life already within you – wellbeing and creating changes in life is an inside job!  This philosophy supports the creation of a persons own way of being in the world, rather than ‘seeking’ and external gratification.  This sets the basis for personal responsibility for individual wellbeing and growth.    

Ancient wisdom

Some of the current initiatives are: ​

-  From all life stages - mindfulness for youth, fostering community connection and Hospice support.

-  Increasing awareness and accessibility of practices to community groups

-  Support integration of spiritual well being in every day life, communities, vulnerable people through access to spiritual teachings and practices.  

Will you support GuruJi to change lives?

Your contribution, no matter how small or large will make a difference. If together we all contributed as little as $20 a month, we will create a ripple effect of positive change and compassion in our community. Imagine the lives we will help change.

To make a donation, our bank details are: 

Sri Shiv Shakti Charitable Trust


Alternatively, you can donate via PayPal

Feel free to contact us by emailing 

if you have any questions or need more information. 

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