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About Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji
Living a Spiritually Awakened Life

Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath ji is a simple person, but his Essence is widespread in the realms of the Universe.

He has chosen to live a normal Independant life amongst the challenges of daily living without the façade of Sages and Saints.

Your first meeting with Aikam ji will have a great  impact on you, it will transform your energy and have a lasting effect. He is full of joy, compassion, humility, love, acceptance and much more.

When you have Faith and Trust you will connect with his pure divine aura and find a glimpse of your Master/Ishta reflecting through his persona. Aikam ji is an embodiment of many Ascended Masters from the Guru Mandala realm.

Born in Punjab, India  Aikam Aikoham Nath ji’s parents named him Harpal Singh. He was brought up in the humble environment of a serving Army Household.  Being the youngest of the three children he was loved and pampered. He was a playful child and lacked interest in studies.


He began to see glimpses of Maa Kali and Ardhnarishwar Swaroop of Lord Shiva when he was just four years old.

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In his Sikh household such images are not a part of the religious practices followed by his parents so, although strange, unambiguous memories of childhood are not tremendously uncommon, he was not able to relate to these divine beings.

Certainly, the Divine Mother was looking after Aikam ji all along. He recalls many such instances when he felt the Divine Mother’s presence. A spark of enlightenment came over him as he was growing and as time progressed he transformed into the best student in all areas of school performance.

This brought a tremendous change in his personality. He became popular among peers and teachers as his love of inquiry and learning grew, constantly challenging his own ability to overcome boundaries. With the unwavering support of his parents he was unstoppable and did extremely well in college earning a master’s degree.

Whilst he was experiencing the life of a householder and a businessman, his inner calling never abated. He remained detached to the material world and always knew that there was a specific purpose that had to be unfolded through him.


Aikam ji's curiosity to explore the unknown kept on nudging him to know the secret of how the Universe functions. He kept on with his spiritual practices which he received from many Masters.

When Aikam ji shares his wisdom and you talk to him, he reveals many secrets of the cosmos and you receive an insight into the inner life of Himalayan sages. His every speech brings a revelation and disclosure of Truth which you will only understand through him.  


Aikam ji shares his experiences in such a straightforward, uncomplicated and loving manner that they become part of us. He frames mysticism in a unique and accessible aura. He is a living example of the fusion between science and spirituality.


When you enter into his energy you will walk a step closer to your own inner wisdom and connection to the spiritual collective energy.  

Gurudev Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji is an earthly representative of his Guru Tradition (Parampara)/ spiritual lineage known as the Nath Lineage.


Gurudev Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji is here to serve humanity during these turbulent times.

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