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October Retreat

Services: Headliner

Friday 22nd (5pm start)

to Monday 25th (1pm finish) October 2021

Waihōanga River Lodge and Retreat


32 Waihōanga Rd

Ōtaki 5582

Kapiti Coast 

Aotearoa ~ New Zealand


"Now Available" Online Live Streaming 

NOW is your time for a truly
with Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji, a Self Realised Spiritual Master

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      Antar Yatra             

                       ~Rise from within~

Exciting Opportunity!!!

This 4day retreat is now also being available ONLINE.  You will have the opportunity to join in this LIVE event via Zoom and interact with Guruji directly.

The teachings and your meditation experiences via Zoom will be just as palpable and potent as if you were physically present.

A very personal opportunity to have GuruJi tune into your energies to assist in clearings of trauma that will be life changing.

Your intention to commit to this retreat for your Soul's empowerment and potential enlightenment is a rare and true Gift to yourself.

  Register your interest for more information.

Antar Yatra - Rise from within, is the Inner Journey of the self to the core of our Being... 

The essence of human life is to purify the soul & progress on the path of Self Realisation.

At present our world is experiencing imbalance, disease, distraction, disturbance, & disharmony leading to fear & suffering. 

We are lost in the matrix, disconnected, feeling inadequate leading a life of limitation which is far from our true essential nature.


We are being challenged to delve deep within and reflect upon our life pattern nudging us to shift from the old paradigm to the purpose of our journey on Earth.

When we turn inwards, we create the conditions to minimise our sensory attractions (Raag), Aversions (Dwesh) & Ego Centredness (Ahankar).

When we purify ourselves on a soul level & de-clutter internally, we create space to allow our true Essential Nature to Rise from Within & experience Inner Peace & Divinity.

Awakened Master Yogi Aikam Aikoham Ji will lead us confidently towards the core of our Being...

Sharing the wisdom of the Himalayan Masters with us, offering tools & techniques for our soul's growth.

This is a wonderful opportunity to delve deep within ourselves over the 4 days & to spend quality time in the Master's Presence.


For Zoom participants : 

Please check your timezone

Starting time on Fri 22 Oct 


NZ            7pm

Sydney      5pm

Adelaide    4:30pm

Perth        2pm

India        11:30am

Dubai       10am

Turkey      9am

London     7am

New York  2am

Lima         1am

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