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Karma Release

We are pleased to invite sincere and genuine spiritual seekers who resonate with this calling to join us for powerful, potent and potential unleashing Journey of Healing and Transformation with Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath ji.

The timing and location of this event has been specifically chosen and attuned to support and guide the People through this time of great turmoil and confusion on Planet Earth.

By attending you will contribute to the energetic clearing and elevation of not only yourself but all of Humanity.

Your decision to attend will most likely be a CALL of the HEART and those who are meant to be there will just KNOW instinctively.  Come if you would like to experience a phenomenal Union of Science and Spirituality that can exponentially uplift your consciousness in one weekend. Come if you are ready to finally FREE yourself from the whirlpool of KARMA that impedes your potential.

This 2-day journey will be power-packed with subtle and profound ‘Shaktipat Healing’ or ‘Spiritual Transmission’ by Siddha Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji who has been specifically blessed with these capacities.


In this Infinite Ocean of Possibilities do you ever feel that you are working hard but not getting the results you desire?

What if as the Siddh Yogis and Masters say, 97% of your Success and Failure is the result of KARMA stored as subconscious seeds which continue to play-out unconsciously in your life?

This Life Altering Journey is NOT FOR EVERYONE

but it is perfect for YOU if you relate to any of the following:

  • Do you ever experience repeating patterns of failure that impact your ability to attract the success, progress and happiness you deserve or dream of?

  • Do you ever feel victimised by situations and people?

  • Do you ever have problems with the flow of money or success in your business?

  • Are you unable to break free from unwanted emotional states of mind like, depression, fear, pain, anger or grief?

  • Do you have trouble attracting a fulfilling relationship with your self, a partner, your family or colleagues?

  • Have you experienced repeated mis-carriages?

  • Have you experienced any childhood traumas or abuse?

  • Do you suffer from destructive addictions or limiting beliefs of any kind ?


Participating in the KARMA RELEASE and HEALING Journey will help you


  • KARMA accrued in this and past Lifetimes

  • KARMA from your Ancestors that is affecting your happiness and progress in this Lifetime


You will clear large blocks of *KARMA* in a single session, create enormous amounts of free space and hence be able to flow more freely and create new situations, opportunities and happiness in life!

You will also learn how to avoid generating new KARMA in your daily life so that you can start to experience more permanent peace, happiness, bliss and positive progress in your material and spiritual world.

About the KARMA RELEASE Journey

DAY 1 – is about demystifying Karma, how we incur it on a personal soul level and how we accumulate it throughout many lifetimes.

DAY 2 – delves into ancestral Karma, how and why we inherit Karma from our ancestors and how it affects us on a day to day basis.

Releasing of Karma and deep Healing occurs through the Grace of the Master, Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji, a Realised Master and Himalayan Yogi, who also holds a master’s degree in Entomology.  He has been Blessed and Empowered by the Gurumandala or Ascended Masters, to REMOVE and BURN large amounts of KARMA on behalf of SINCERE SEEKERS who are now open, willing and ready to receive it.

  • What is KARMA?
    Whether you realise it or not, KARMA affects every aspect of your life, which is in a constant unfolding of KARMA – “You reap what you sow!” The subtle energies created by our actions are stored in our soul, our sub-conscious mind and memories and activated at a later date. From a Vedantic perspective, you have lived for many previous lifetimes and the situations and circumstances of your current life are the result of the actions performed during all previous lives. This may make it easier to understand why bad things happen to good people or why an innocent child develops a life-threatening illness. “Everything happens for a Reason” and “Everything has Karmic Significance”. Unfortunately, through lack of awareness, many people remain trapped by their own “Karmic Software”, constantly repeating the same bad habits, patterns or mistakes in life and not reaching the level of peace, harmony, happiness and success they desire. The Karmic Curse causes you to forget who you really are. Your “Spiritual Path’, if you accept it, compels you to release the KARMA that is clouding your awareness, so you can remember who you really are and why you are here. Vedanta says that all your Karma is stored in the individual soul, or the aspect of the soul conditioned by Karma. Vedanta describes three types of Karma: that which you have chosen to process during this particular birth, that which is stored for later births, and the new Karma you generate every moment of your existence. Chakras store the Karma for this lifetime. Chakras are your subtle energy centres through which consciousness transforms into matter. Karma distorts that flow of consciousness, causing you to experience an illusory world. Clearing Karma helps you to step out of the illusion and this process can be greatly accelerated with the support of the right Master.
  • Can KARMA really be burnt?
    It is possible to burn your Karma through your Spiritual Fire. This Fire must be ignited by a genuine Siddh Master who will initiate you on the path. Through daily practice you can learn to burn your Karma or Spiritual Blockages. Not all Masters can heal, some only offer Satsang (Gnan Marg, wisdom, study of texts & scriptures), Bhakti Yog (Devotion), Hath yog (physical postures etc). Masters who have Kundalini activated and merged into Crown and further with the center of the Universe have been given the Grace to benefit other souls. One can only talk about the path he or she has experienced. “Shaktipat” or Divine Spiritual Transmission, can only be transmitted through a Realised Master and it has to be EXPERIENCED to be BELIEVED as it cannot be EXPLAINED!
  • Who is Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji?
    Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji is a Siddh Master and Meditator. A Siddh is a God Realised Master who has experienced the energy of the Infinite and is empowered to share the Grace he has received with genuine seekers. He is popularly known as the “Modern Yogi in Jeans” for his innate ability to translate and communicate the Sacred Knowledge and Energy of the Ages in a way that is easy to understand, assimilate and accelerates the spiritual development of people. He received his name ‘Aikam Aikoham’ from his Guru Barfani Babaji during his intense Sadhana in Himalayas of Badrinathji and Kailash Manimahesh. He has meditated in the Forests of West India, Rishikesh for a number of years and is the embodiment of many Masters and deities. Many of his teachings are directly imparted by Ascended Masters. Coming from ‘The Axil of Spirituality in the Himalayas”.
  • What is Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji 's Master Lineage?
    Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji was given his Yogi name by his Guru from the Himalayas, ‘Barfani Baba’. Another close Guru is an ageless, over 287 year old Nath Guru known as ‘Yogi Baba’ from the jungles of Bengal. He received direct Initiation from the Immortal Master Maha Avatar Babaji. As for the Gurumandala lineage of Masters; Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji is a “Unified Spiritual Master” – Masters from Kriya yoga, Maha Avatar Babaji, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus, GuruNanak DevJi, Shiva, Maa Shakti all are present and work through his physical form. A Christian will witness Jesus in him, A Sikh will find Guru Nanak Dev ji, A Krishna believer will see him as the Lord, and so on… It is hard to describe or put it into exact words the ‘subtle power and presence’ of Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji. It can difficult for a normal human being to fully comprehend – or even a non-believer. Essentially, he presents as each one’s own ‘Belief Master’ - if you seek ‘Maa Kali’ he will know that, he connects through the energy that you hold faith in. If one accepts that there is a bigger force or source that is working, and that the lineage is a form manifested by that particular Energy, who has incarnated for a bigger purpose of Awakening. The Path of Truth is for Experiencing and Learning. So to say his Master Lineage is of all the Siddh (a liberated soul- the one who is accomplished, has achieved a high degree of physical as well as spiritual perfection or enlightenment) who have walked this Earth would not be an understatement.
  • What's involved in the journey? What form does karma clearing take? What to expect?
    The 2 Day Journey involves being guided into short Meditative sessions and experiencing the profound healing Energy. You are encouraged to ask your questions and seek guidance. Karma clearing takes place through Shaktipat and healing given by the Realized Master. It is best not to expect anything, come as an empty vessel and fill yourself with blessings. Expectation creates anticipation and that can be a barrier to receiving the Grace. Best to come with an open heart and mind and a desire to receive the profound experience and healing that your Soul has planned for you at this time. We promise that you can look forward to a more Harmonious, Happy and Healthy you!
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