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Mantr Yog and Healing - Perth

Learn to chant mantras, use mudras and the right way to activate them: Initiation into Live Mantr / Shaktipat Transmissions / Mantr Pranayam / Healing through mantras / Identifying mantr frequencies & tapping into these seeds / Using mantras for your purpose.

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Mantr Yog and Healing - Perth
Mantr Yog and Healing - Perth

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD


About The Event

Facilitated by Awakened Himalayan Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath ji.

MANTR YOG    MANTR has a mysticism attached when we incorporate sound, rhythm, diction,emotion and practice. These five sutras (Formula) are bought together to create a pathway which helps you merge with the frequency of Mantr sound. YOG is to be in unification or to merge.. when we are in union with our Body, Breath and Sound with the above sutras, this is MANTR YOG.

Traditionally during the ancient times Mantr was only imparted to the most able disciple. This was done to keep the Sacred Energy of the Guru intact, who has infused the Mantr with his Spiritual fire(Shiva Agni). Hence it was important to choose a worthy disciple who has pure intention of helping his fellow beings and not use the Mantr for personal gains.

In present times(Kaliyug) - Scriptures say that Mantr works medicine(aushdhi) if we receive it from a Living Guru. When the meditator is initiated by The Guru, it then shares his spiritual fire and supports their spiritual journey.     We are hugely blessed with the presence of one such Siddh Himalayan Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji, who is visiting our country and has brought the ancient secrets of Mantr Yog for a weekend event, that will activate universal consciousness ( All That Is) within each of those attending.    AkiamJi (as he is usually referred as ) is a modern yogi who bridges east and west with ease. Originally educated as a scientist he came to the place in his life where his spirituality became his calling and he spent years with many Masters, learning the ancient ways and becoming a Self Realised Master. He brings with him secrets up to this time only known by these Masters.     Mantr Yog offers you experiences and insights into some of these powerful and ancient wisdom, along with a sacred Blessing in the form of a personal initiation ceremony     Over this weekend event you experience:    • A personal, gentle and sacred Divine Blessing initiation process     • Spiritual energies that are activated within you for your spiritual advancement    • Deep healing frequencies (Shaktipat transmissions) that release blockages    • Shifts in consciousness, creating new possibilities in life

Learn:    • How to chant ancient mantr    • Mantr pranayam and it's methods    • What healing energies are available to you through the mantr    • The potency of different frequencies within the mantr    • The power of intention and the impact on your life    • The ancient secrets of sound, light and energy    • What mudras are and the importance of them (gestures and poses with the body and hands)    • The relationship between mantr and kundalini and karmic layers

Guru AikamJi passes on these ancient wisdom to you in a modern way so that you are able to integrate them into your daily life.    This allows you to access and create knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, health, destroy your blockages, ignorance and have the ability to burn karma's, creating new possibilities and potential.

Summary:    Now you have the opportunity to learn, experience and be initiated into this ancient spiritual practice that has been given by the ageless wisdom of the Himalayan Siddha Yogis to Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji who now passes it on to you.    Coming to Perth for one weekend, these powerful energies are transferred to you through a gentle initiation process where you can then integrate into your everyday life.

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There will be some specifically energised items available at the workshop to enhance your sadhana. (spiritual practice ) – Mala – Asan mat – Altar images


Energy Exchange

  • Early Bird  (Payment to be made before 5pm Wednesday 28July)

Credit Card Payment : AUD $471 (Ticket price AUD$462 plus Creadit Card Processing fee $9)

Manual Offline Payment : AUD $462 

   (BSB 015220 ACCOUNT 642524877    Reference: Your full name and the event location)


Please register your details through the website even if you chose to pay manually to secure your spot.

  • Standard

Credit Card Payment : AUD $521.50 (Ticket price AUD$512 plus Creadit Card Processing fee $9.50)

Manual Offline Payment : AUD $512

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Local hosts: – Neshnie Pillay - 0448 742 388

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Videos about Mantr Yog Workshop: – From early 2019.


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