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February Retreat

Services: Headliner

Wednesday 16th to Sunday 27th February 2022


Sri Shiv Shakti Ashram

Tapawera, Nelson, Aotearoa-New Zealand

This is a very unique opportunity to be in the Master's presence and to receive the sacred and ancient wisdoms that will be brought through. 


Mantr Yog & Healing     


16 – 18 February 2022


MANTR has a mysticism attached when we incorporate sound, rhythm, diction, emotion and practice. These five sutras (Formula) are brought together to create a pathway which helps you merge with the frequency of Mantr sound. YOG is to be in unification or to merge..when we are in union with our Body, Breath and Sound with the above sutras, 

this is MANTR YOG.


In present times (Kaliyug) - Scriptures say that Mantr works medicine (aushdhi) if we receive it from a Living Guru. When the meditator is initiated by the Guru, it then shares his spiritual fire and supports their spiritual journey. Mantr Yog offers you experiences and insights into some of these powerful and ancient wisdom, along with a sacred Blessing in the form of a personal initiation ceremony.


Over this weekend event you experience:

  • A personal, gentle and sacred Divine Blessing initiation process

  • Spiritual energies that are activated within you for your spiritual advancement

  • Deep healing frequencies (Shaktipat transmissions) that release blockages

  • Shifts in consciousness, creating new possibilities in life



  • How to chant ancient mantr

  • Mantr pranayam and its methods

  • What healing energies are available to you through the mantr

  • The potency of different frequencies within the mantr

  • The power of intention and the impact on your life

  • The ancient secrets of sound, light and energy

  • What mudras are and the importance of them (gestures and poses with the body and hands)

  • The relationship between mantr and kundalini and karmic layers


Guru Aikam Ji passes on these ancient wisdom to you in a modern way so that you are able to integrate them into your daily life.

This allows you to access and create knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, health, destroy your blockages, ignorance and have the ability to burn karma's, creating new possibilities and potential.

Services: About

Kundalini Sadhana 



18 – 25 February 2022


You are a true seeker and have attended a Mantr Yog and Healing event with Guruji


A week of immersion de-mystifying Kundalini and revealing the ancient secret teachings and wisdoms from the Himalayan Master lineage, for the advancement of the Soul’s journey

with Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji.

The sacred path of Kundalini Yog requires the seeker’s focus and commitment.

The Universe has provided this divine opportunity to enlighten us further...

Kundalini Yog Sadhana by Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath ji, is based on the ancient scripture, where the word “Kundalini” was first mentioned.

It is the highest form of meditation based on the UrjaMarg (Energy path), invocation and activation of the Mother Divine (Kundalini) laying as the latent energy within us.


In ancient times, the deep secrets of Kundalini Yog Sadhana were only imparted to seasoned meditators who served the Master for many years in the deep jungles and mountains of Himalayas. 


In these modern times, to receive the Kundalini initiation by an Awakened Guru who has walked the path and is blessed by the Gurumandal is a rare opportunity for genuine soul seekers under Guru (Master) - Shisya (disciple) Parampara (tradition). Kundalini Yog Sadhana is a journey to awakening the true self.


Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath ji is offering this unique opportunity to guide you to experience Kundalini energy 

If you only know about the basics about chakras and the colours, have learnt to balance them, are a regular meditator or a blessed beginner…  

You may have devoted a number of years to the yogic and meditation practices with the promise of Kundalini awakening and find yourself in the maze of information with not enough guidance…


This Retreat is the answer to all your prayers and seeking, right in your homeland.

Some of what you will learn and experience:

  • The chakras -  their colours, the VarnAkshar (Seed “Beej” syllable), Tatva (Element), Pranayam (Breath work) and food associated with each chakra

  • The story of Kundalini from the ancient scriptures

  • The story of the Body vs Kundalini

  • The myth about Kundalini being in the form of a snake

  • Visualization of the journey of Kundalini to deepen your practice

  • How the Sadhana helps you on the spiritual path to the door towards the heart of the universe


Meditate with the Master     


25 - 27 February 2022


This is a very special opportunity to stay and meditate with GuruJi. Deepen your meditation practice which you have just experienced throughout the previous days.

Allow yourself to become more at ease within your spiritual practice and spend time in the grace of your Master, Guruji.

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