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Experience inner Transformation, Transmutation & Activation of your DNA at the Subatomic Levels.

Release stuck emotions & transform your life.

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Be an Alchemist

Be An Alchemist
A Transformational Journey

Embrace your own inner Alchemy with Himalayan Yogi AIKAM AIKOHAM NATH JI in this powerful residential retreat.


Alchemy - The science of Inner Liberation.

The art of transmutation, the power to transform things for the better, real or imagined.

Become An Alchemist:

Experience inner Transformation, Transmutation & Activation of your DNA at the Subatomic Levels.

Release stuck emotions & transform your life.

Connect with your true nature, become an alchemist & develop the power of manifestation.

Enter into the deeper dimensions of your being and experience transformation from fear into Love.

Transmute density into Light ... as the alchemists of old transmuted lead into gold... 

Transmuting poison into nectar......

Who Can Become An Alchemist?

A person who wants to live life on their own terms and is capable of transforming surrounding circumstances through his / her Will or mind power, dedication & perseverance. 

The Alchemist sheds any fear, anger, arrogance or attachment towards anybody or any circumstance.

With each new person who comes into his life, the Alchemist takes the feather of wisdom from the occasion, adds that to their own wisdom and rises above the mundane things of life, leading to maturity.

An Alchemist is able to love his enemies: He / She is able to convert perceived enemies into friends with compassion and unconditional love.

An Alchemist is one who can heal him or herself first, spread this healing among others and guide them to work unconditionally to help others to work on Self - Like a candle flame igniting other candles....

An Alchemist is the one who is not concerned about how things will happen, because he has full faith in the Creator, being completely surrendered - knowing without a doubt that whoever has created him / her will look after him, and when the time is right he will be taken care of, no matter what. 

He doesn’t put his will in front of everyone, he is in his own world, allowing things to unfold in natural flow and relishing the flow as a witness, as a third person, with a bird’s eye view.

Being the Witness.

Trusting in the Universe.

An Alchemist relishes the food, relishes the conditions, is a witness to life's drama, is involved yet remains detached from the physicality.

An Alchemist is one whose eyes look into the depth of ones being, beyond the surface. 

We all have an inner Alchemist hidden within us, its just that we don't always look towards the mundane activities of daily life to discover where the Alchemist is hiding.

This retreat intends to bring out that hidden ONE so we create our own destiny, we create our own LIFE.

This retreat is for Sincere Seekers who choose to walk the Path of Truth under the loving guidance of a Living Awakened Master who teaches directly from his own experience. 

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