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Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji

Viajes espirituales

In the Beginning

I was raised in a modest middle-class Sikh family in India. Being born in a border city, close to Pakistan, I was exposed to the Army lifestyle and experienced the advantages of being properly disciplined and resilient. My family who had no knowledge of Mantra, Tantra, Sadhana, or Mandala.  There was only Guru Nanak Dev Ji, a highly revered Sikh Master.  As a child, I always wanted to ask if Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born from a human womb like us. I wondered what must have taken place for him to find that eureka moment of God-realisation. My inner quest to find that eureka for myself grew throughout my life, and this desire, this yearning to know God, purified me in my search.  I had no idea about meditation but I would just sit because my soul felt very happy. There were no prayers, invocations, or expectations; no asking, just nothing. This is why I say, "Nature reveals its secrets to those who surrender."

The agreement

At age eleven  I was struck with appendicitis and taken to the operating theatre. Typically, this kind of operation is completed within half an hour; however, it took six hours, and that was when I had my first out-of-body experience.  I saw my soul being taken up onto pure white luminous light, and found myself among the Guru Mandala, which is the realm of ascended masters. 


Here I could see the souls talking to each other, but there was no sound or faces, but I could make out the images of individual masters. I was asked if I would be willing to give up this body for one of the masters to inhabit, to which I agreed. I then witnessed my physical body being operated on. With a new higher purpose now activated in my being, I woke up to a slap on the face and the sounds of doctors talking in the operating room. I opened my eyes and saw the doctors trying to revive my body, as my appendix had burst.


After that, I became very detached from life. I would wash my own clothes, eat what was given and became very accepting of whatever life presented. As a teenager I was aloof, cut off, and felt very lost, and the memory of the operation and visit to Guru Mandala vanished.

Gurudev in suit.jpeg
Life as a householder

Later in life, during my younger days in college, I had such a zest for life. I was an all-India level athlete and I completed degrees in entomology, as well as a master's degree in entomology and agricultural science.

I gained extensive experience by working in multiple multinational companies, starting from a junior-level position and rising through the ranks and I got married before moving to New Zealand in 2001, filled with hope and determination.

As new immigrants in a new country, our young family had to face the difficulty of finding work and adapting to new cultural norms while still maintaining our own cultural identity. 

I worked hard starting from a junior-level position once again in the new land and quickly gained momentum to be successful in the health and food safety industry. However things began showing signs of warning in the household. Family members became increasingly unhappy with my meditative practice. I became unhappy, taken for granted, and condemned for my chosen path. 

I had lost my will to live and felt powerless to change.  Now, in my non-vegetarian life, enjoying my daily drink and listening to rap music, I couldn't even walk a few steps without losing my breath. 

Remembering the Promise

And one day, something extraordinary happened. 

During my meditation, I was reminded of my out-of-body experience, during which I promised to dedicate my life to serving the Masters and mankind. As soon as I remembered my promise, the Guru Mandala appeared before me and blessed me. I recalled the experience of becoming the space, of being the space and nothing else.

I remembered the divine Maa Tripura Sundari awakening within me, followed by Ma Bhaglamukhi, Maha Kaali, Bholebaba, Lord Krishna, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.


From that point, my yogic journey in this lifetime began.

On a midwinter afternoon, as the sun started to set around 3PM, I was drawn to its brilliant golden light. The hues soon changed from black to red, green, and blue before ultimately concentrating in my 'third eye'.  The warmth of the sun traveled up my spine and settle in the crown chakra or Sahasrara area of my body. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-27 at 5.48.59 PM.jpeg

First I encountered Mahavatar Babaji, though I was unaware that it was the Deathless Yogi Mahavatarji.


It was also then that I was graced with the visit of Mahadev, Shiv (Bholebaba). He was covered with ashes, holding the rusty Trishul (Trident) and wearing the Ghungroo (Divine bell) around his waist and there, around his neck was a brown coloured Cobra. Bholebaba lovingly embraced me and lifted me to the sky. He asked what I wished for and I revealed my wish of wanting knowledge about how he ran the entire universe. He showed me many mysterious secrets and took me around all the seven upper and seven lower realms. I was shown how the stuck souls travel through different life times in the lower realm and witnessed the journey of my own soul through reincarnation and the different levels it passes through, evolving and growing in experiences and wisdom at each level that I was blessed with. 

The Himalayan calling

The Himalayas were calling. I was desperately searching for that Eureka moment that I believed would turn my life around and to answer life's most profound questions. I'd made my way to a secret cave in northern part of Uttarakhand, India where I lived and meditated for extensive period.

I experienced Pishachi, the Dakini (witches from the lower realms, with big fangs) visiting me.  Mahavatar Babaji again appeared and initiated me into the Kriya lineage of Lahiri Mahasaya ji and Paramahansa Yogananda ji through the appearance of a yogi who showed me specific asanas (yoga body postures) and pranayam (breathwork), which I was asked to practice in my own time. I was deeply humbled by such grace to receive the Omkar Shakti Kriya. Giving me the rare ability to transfer powerful healing energies to other humans and burn away negative karmas from one's life through the energetic transmission known as Shaktipat. 

Yogi baba.HEIC
Meeting the Masters

Meetings with various masters kept manifesting. I met Yogi Baba from Durgapur Garh Jungle, a great yogi from whom I received Hatha Yog.  One day I was meditating on the Dhuni (holy fire pit) on the day of Gurupurnima (a day dedicated to all the spiritual and academic gurus, who are evolved or enlightened humans, ready to share their wisdom ) the Eastern Jungles of Durgapur, when suddenly Kapil Muni Maharaj appeared. But only I could see him, and the others had no idea. But we spoke for hours…it was beautiful.   

Noticing what was emerging from within me, my masters bestowed ever deeper practices and ancient secrets of the sacred science of God-realisation. Upon receiving ongoing initiations and transmissions from my masters, the journey of yogic realisation flourished.  I met Barfarni Baba Ji in the foothills of Kailash Manimahesh, the Himalayas, who initiated me into Ardhnarishwar sadhana.

Awakening the Light within
Activate Aum.jpeg

Upon an intense sadhana, the 'AUM' activated at the heart centre
at Rishikesh India, April 2018

My committment

My role is to guide people on the path to fulfill the only purpose of our reincarnation, which is to realize the Absolute Truth:

"Satyam Shivam Sundaram!"


For a sincere Sādhak (student) devoted to the path with purity of mind and intention along with emotion, many secrets are revealed naturally. 


All this can happen when grace is upon you. 

If you are genuine in your heart and sincere in your seeking, Just one breath is enough to realise the Absolute Truth.

"El universo habla a través del silencio;

el silencio habla a través del vacío ". 

Enlightend ones.png

Photo taken during the Intensive Karma Release Retreat at

Sri Shiv Shakti Ashram November 2022

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