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The journey from Oneness to Nothingness is the path for the ones who wish to explore the possibilities of learning the absolute truth of Life in relation to our existence.


We have been a part of the cosmos right from its inception, in various forms, shapes and beings. Our present consciousness has chosen certain experiences with a set of beings or environment.

Antar Yatra
~Rise from within~

Transformational Retreat with

Himalayan Master Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji.

Antar Yatra is the Inner Journey we make towards

the core of our Being... The Self.


The essence of human life is to purify the soul & progress on the path of Self Realisation.

In person or Online

Be an Alchemist

Experience inner Transformation, Transmutation & Activation of your DNA at the Subatomic Levels.

Release stuck emotions & transform your life.

Connect with your true nature, become an alchemist & develop the power of manifestation.

Enter into the deeper dimensions of your being, and experience transformation from fear into Love.