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Membership Descriptions

Congratulations, your soul is calling you to recognise

that you are here to advance your spiritual evolution,

assisted by way of guidance and teachings with

Spiritual Master Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji.

Read on to understand which membership is right for you. 

Lifetime - Soul Journey
  • Your soul’s commitment to journey with Guruji

  • A conscious immersion of your spiritual evolution

  • Karma, a way to burn your karmas

Your soul’s voice is now becoming stronger for you to fulfill your mission and purpose towards spiritual enlightenment in this LIFETIME, and created an opportunity to become more dedicated by following a spiritual pathway, under the specific guidance and instruction of Master Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji. 

This allows you to consciously immerse yourSelf in your spiritual life, by being more focused on your spiritual development, evolution and advancement; the ultimate to accelerate your soul’s growth and shedding karmic layers.

This LIFETIME level of membership creates an inner commitment and connection, with deeper understanding of how by personalised instruction, with more regular personal interactions and availability on every level of guidance from GuruJi.

If you are consciously deepening your daily commitment to the evolution of your Soul Self by living a soul infused spiritual life and have recognised that this is your paramount focus in this lifetime, then this LIFETIME membership is the ultimate choice for you.

Gold - Spiritual Pathway
  • Accelerate your soul’s journey in a heart-conscious way

  • A deeper commitment to your spiritual self


A spiritual pathway paved with GOLDen opportunities that offer you a greater sense of clarity, commitment and confidence, with having greater access to the sacred teachings and spiritual principles taught by Guruji Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji.

By  raising  your spiritual awareness, through group sessions led by Guruji. Exploring the journey with other like-minded souls within a group opportunity is a real bonus, offering a sense of family and unity.

Designed to awaken and strengthen your inner commitment  and deepen your spiritual experiences, which assists you in further understanding and advancing your  journey toward enlightenment. 

If you are looking for a deeper level of spiritual understanding with consistent connection with Guruji and opportunities to engage with his teachings regularly, in a variety of ways, added with a real sense of community, then GOLD is an ideal membership for you. 

Silver - Deeper Connection
  • Explore your spiritual understandings and practice

  • Maintains access to spiritual teachings and personal guidance

  • Offers opportunities for information and education


By creating consistency with spiritual practice, it brings a deeper connection with your own spiritual journey, this is what SILVER is designed to offer.

It allows you to always be able to access a variety of teachings from Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji to support you on a daily basis, in whatever capacity you require.

With regular connection in a variety of ways with Guruji, SILVER helps you to maintain a level of spiritual engagement and maintenance in ways that fill your needs and suit your lifestyle.

Bronze - Inspiration
  • Creates and maintains a simple and fundamental connection with Guruji     

  • To inspire ongoing spiritual development


Having spiritual references and materials available anytime, can offer you a real sense of support as well as inspiration.


Having certain spiritual ‘reference points’ or gentle reminders, as a basis on which to live your life, BRONZE can offer you a way to remain centred and aligned and true to your spiritual Self by knowing that remaining connected with Guruji offerings and teachings.  

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