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Insight Descriptions

Satsang means association with Sat or Reality. One who knows or has realized Sat- the Reality is also regarded as Sat. Such association with Sat or with one who knows, Sat is absolutely necessary for all. We chant and sing in the glory of the Supreme during the kirtan.

Gurunanak Dev Ji says: “The one who sails on the Boat of Truth/Naam, who sings the Glory of God will cross over and merge with the God’s love. This is the most simplest and quick path to meet your Creator.”

Mantr Yog

Facilitated by Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath ji, you will learn how to chant mantr, use mudras and understand the ancient way to activate them.

This is initiation into a powerful daily practice as given by the ageless wisdom of the Himalayan Siddha Yogis passed down to us through Gurudev Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji.

Karma Release

Participating in the KARMA RELEASE and HEALING Journey will help you BREAK FREE from:

KARMA accrued in this and past Lifetimes.

KARMA from your Ancestors that is affecting your happiness and progress in this Lifetime

You will clear large blocks of *KARMA* in a single session, create enormous amounts of free space and flow more freely to create new situations, opportunities and happiness in life!


When the guru and disciple are linked, then the guru’s power automatically flows to the disciple.

This is shaktipat – the transmission of high-frequency waves from guru to disciple. When the guru transmits a little of his own shakti to the disciple, the disciple feels subtle to strong vibrations in his body. An open mind is very important to feel this potent transmission of Energy from the Guru. A Disciple who can easily accept this process of linking, in the presence of the guru this link is established automatically.


Gurumandala is the heart of the Soul….

meaning it is the super consciousness, the will of the Guru.

The Gurus have not only incarnated in India, they have incarnated everywhere in the World. On the outside, they appear like you and me, but they are evolved beings following their diverse spiritual path of kindness and compassion.  Spreading this energy far and wide but when they rise towards God Consciousness, they become one and the same.


More information on Sadhna is currently being channeled to Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath ji. Once all information has been received this space will be updated. Stay tuned. 

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