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Gurumandala is the heart of the Soul…. meaning it is the super consciousness, the will of the Guru.

The Gurus have not only incarnated in India, they have incarnated everywhere in the World. On the outside they appear like you and me, but they are evolved beings following their diverse spiritual path of kindness and compassion. 

Spreading this energy far and wide but when they rise towards God Consciousness, they become one and the same.

They all have one name.  It’s a community which speaks only one language, which is silence. There are no words like we speak. So, when you are in the presence of the Big Masters, the vibrations and energy is the way to connect and communicate … no words are exchanged, and this happens at the Soul level.

With all the Gurus, the consciousness of the Guru is one, but when they are in human  body form in this physical realm, they must adapt themselves to the way people understand.


That is one of the meanings of the Gurumandala…oneness of all the Gurus.

Gurumandala  (Guru + Mandala), Mandala is a consortium.

A divine consortium of compassionate masters who are often referred to as a Lodge of Masters, White Brotherhood is known as the Gurumandala.

These divine souls who are no longer in physical form, and continue to work from “another plane of existence”, through the existing Master on ‘this plane’ to support, protect and guide the initiated ones and seekers on the path of Truth.


Some of these master’s include

Kriya yog Lineage:

Maha Avatar Babaji / Lord Jesus / Yeshua  / Lord Krishna /  Buddha/ Lahiri Mahasaya / Sri Yukteswar/ Paramahansa Yogananda

Nath gurus:

Matseyender Nath/ Goraskh Nath and other master i.e Datatreya/ Guru Nanak Dev ji.


The Gurumandala is a sacred constellation of many revered Masters & Gurus, both known & unknown. Gurudev Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji is an earthly representative of his Guru Tradition (Parampara) / spiritual lineage known as the Nath Lineage.


Gurudev Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji is the earthly representative of these Ascended masters, and he is here to serve humanity during

these turbulent times.

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