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गुरु, 22 फ़र॰



Golden Arrow Meditation Online

Explore the technique and secrets to go 'Beyond Death' by activating the Nachiketa Agni

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Golden Arrow Meditation Online
Golden Arrow Meditation Online

समय और स्थान

22 फ़र॰ 2024, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm GMT+13



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Namaste Dear Seekers,

The Golden Arrow is one of the wisdoms given to a nine-year-old boy named Nachiketa by Lord Yama, the Lord of Death. 

It reveals the path which goes beyond death, as Lord Yama imparts the secrets to the young boy, guiding him to a realm where death does not exist.

This does not literally mean physical death, but rather the death of the mind, identities, and ego. This is where we all strive to reach a state of mindlessness, where the source is effortlessly realised. 

Nachiketa asked Lord Yama some profound questions, and Yama, impressed by the sincerity and honesty of this young boy, provided answers. Guruji is eager to share the wisdom hidden within those ancient scriptures and this meditation is about activating the fire within us, known as Nachiketa Agni, the fire of Nachiketa.

In India, people chant a scripture to the departing person on their deathbed. This practice aims to raise the departing soul's awareness of the state beyond death, guiding it towards ultimate liberation. This is the concept of the Golden Arrow.

This is your chance to explore the technique and secrets of Siddhas going into the deathless state through the Nachiketa Agni, the Golden Arrow meditation.

Pre registration essential to receive the link to this event.

 Please check your Time Zones 

Auckland, NZ - 6pm. 

Sydney/Melbourne, Australia - 4pm.

Adelaide, Australia - 3:30pm. 

Brisbane, Australia - 3pm. 

Perth, Australia - 1pm. 

Delhi, India - 10:30am. 

Dubai, UAE- 9am. 

Doha, Qatar - 8:00am. 

Istanbul, Turkey - 8:00am. 

London, UK - 5am. 

NY, USA - 12am. 

Lima, Peru - 12am.

Ensure you book your place and can also consider gifting an invite to your family and friends and receive deep guidance and secret wisdoms The Enlightened Ones, Himalayan Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji. 

Energy Exchange:

$84  (plus GST and booking fee)

For any queries email us: 



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