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Event Gallery

Attendees say they experience a depth of healing, meditation, laughter, peace, inner strength, surrender, tears of joy, love and compassion through the teachings and guidance of Himalayan Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji.


To gain an insight into an event with Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji take a tour through the photo galleries from recent events. 

Video Testimonial

Ancient wisdom and scientific explanations in a modern day setting is how Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji speaks to the heart and soul of those he teaches. Each course is transformative and deep, providing a new perspective on life. 

Visit our video testimonials page to hear directly from the students of Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji and how his teachings and guidance have had a transformative impact on their lives. 

Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji Spiritual Journey Gallery

Yogi Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji shares his wisdom, reveals many secrets of the cosmos and you receive an insight into the inner life of Himalayan sages. He frames mysticism in a unique and accessible way and is a living example of the fusion between science and spirituality.

GuruDev has shared some of the images from his spiritual journeys. View these galleries to glimpse an insight into the life of a Himalayan Yogi. 

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